Comfy flight to LA with a spectacular view!
Now I know why God made babies look like this.
It's another "Dances With Wolves" type evening here on the prairies of Idaho! #t...
Glad that Loofus is home and feeling better now!
Just had a freakin shred fest with my 2 protein pals @stevecook_32 & @loganmckay55
I had to get in the truck at mile 7. @carliestylez is at 8.2! Hey gurl hey!
Grabbing a healthy breakfast at @gmessak's house before I head to LAX !
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Dawgz!!! Check out my gurls new beat!
New SHAYTARDS video is live! This kids are getting pretty radical! http://youtu....
Shhhhh! I'm hiding from the monster...
How sweaty do you get at the gym? New sweaty SHAYTARDS video is live! http://you...

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