DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Unless you are a bad a**!!!
Bout to fly back home to Los Angeles but first...
This is where it all started.
That's obnoxious!
I got @hiimrawn slangin shot gun shells at the mountains of Idaho!
Today we change a life FOREVER! I got majorly choked up when I saw how many of y...
So what do you guys think? (A.) HIDDEN CAMERA SNACK STAND SCAM! or (B.) CHOMP...
I LOVE being a part of #YouTubersReact So proud to be part of this community! ht...
#tbt to 15 years ago when I was a missionary for the @LDSchurch I was in Barbado...
Giddy up buckaroos it's throwback Thursday! #tbt
But we are rich in LOVE!!!
I am IN THIS GAME!!! I will NOT feel embarrased to take my shirt off this summer!
New York City marathon training begins today!!!
I'm going to be on the not computer!
I need more shotguns!!!
I need more shotguns!!!
The chicken drama has escalated to an all time high!
#bloodmoon peeping tom!
On the roof waiting for Jesus...I mean the blood moon! #eclipse #JesusSaves
Requesting a fly by? Negative ghost rider the pattern is full!
9'er 9'er were coming in for a landing! I don't know what that means?!
Sit down shut up and fasten your seatbelt! There's not sprite and pretzels on th...
Bout to take this baby out for a spin!
We got chickens!
Chicken dance attack!!!
#church #handsome #notreverent #sox
Has a lovely day at the farmers market.
I'm going to punch every single person on this plane in the face!
Thanks for the J's @stevecook_32 I didn't even go through airport security. I ju...
Our Uber driver is a lier! We BALLIN! #Escalade #PIMP #ThugLyfe #Blessed
Breakfast with American Idol super star David Archuleta!
5 years ago today I was screaming at David Archuleta out of the Z103 van window!...
It may be unconventional but it works!!!
Help me pick a thumbnail! Which one would you more likley click on? A or B?
Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie!
Every good parent knows this little trick when ignoring your kids from across th...
Every single night!!!
Liked 2 videos.
My iPhone is a PERVERT!
For me it is NOT easy to be "steadfast in Christ" all the time. ESPECIALLY in th...
WE ARE ON TV! And we fail majorly :/
My mom has been married to my dad's mustache for 35 years today! "The things tha...
We're on TV! Such a blast being on @afvofficial
I thought we were going to be on @afvofficial next week but there I am in the TV...
Grandma Dirty Harry!
Watching #LDSConf

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