Good thing the cows and the crabs aren't in charge of hiding the Easter eggs.
Me: What are you doing up there buddy? Rocktard: I'm going camping!
Volunteered to help with the object lesson in Sunday School today. My testimony...
I've worked too hard for this family!
Happy Easter.
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Unless you are a bad a**!!!
Bout to fly back home to Los Angeles but first...
This is where it all started.
That's obnoxious!
I got @hiimrawn slangin shot gun shells at the mountains of Idaho!
Today we change a life FOREVER! I got majorly choked up when I saw how many of y...
So what do you guys think? (A.) HIDDEN CAMERA SNACK STAND SCAM! or (B.) CHOMP...
I LOVE being a part of #YouTubersReact So proud to be part of this community! ht...
#tbt to 15 years ago when I was a missionary for the @LDSchurch I was in Barbado...
Giddy up buckaroos it's throwback Thursday! #tbt
But we are rich in LOVE!!!
I am IN THIS GAME!!! I will NOT feel embarrased to take my shirt off this summer!
New York City marathon training begins today!!!
I'm going to be on the not computer!
I need more shotguns!!!
I need more shotguns!!!
The chicken drama has escalated to an all time high!
#bloodmoon peeping tom!
On the roof waiting for Jesus...I mean the blood moon! #eclipse #JesusSaves
Requesting a fly by? Negative ghost rider the pattern is full!
9'er 9'er were coming in for a landing! I don't know what that means?!
Sit down shut up and fasten your seatbelt! There's not sprite and pretzels on th...
Bout to take this baby out for a spin!
We got chickens!
Chicken dance attack!!!
#church #handsome #notreverent #sox
Has a lovely day at the farmers market.
I'm going to punch every single person on this plane in the face!
Thanks for the J's @stevecook_32 I didn't even go through airport security. I ju...
Our Uber driver is a lier! We BALLIN! #Escalade #PIMP #ThugLyfe #Blessed
Breakfast with American Idol super star David Archuleta!
5 years ago today I was screaming at David Archuleta out of the Z103 van window!...
It may be unconventional but it works!!!
Help me pick a thumbnail! Which one would you more likley click on? A or B?
Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie!
Every good parent knows this little trick when ignoring your kids from across th...
Every single night!!!
Liked 2 videos.
My iPhone is a PERVERT!
For me it is NOT easy to be "steadfast in Christ" all the time. ESPECIALLY in th...

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